How to Sell

Welcome to CardShark, the premier way to buy and sell gaming collectables on-line. Please review the guidelines below before listing your cards for sale on this site.

CardShark uses Paypal for all financial transactions. To sell cards on this site, you must have a verified PayPal account. Please set this up before you list cards. Visit PayPal to sign up.

We provide several methods for you to list cards.

1. Easy listing, one card at a time: The easiest way to list your cards is to use the Sell tab up top. Then, select your game and search by set, keyword or card number. Click on the card name, and you will see options to list your card including condition, quantity and price. You can also enter notes and select options including foil, foreign and so on. Hit "Sell your card" and viola! You can also sell cards by simply navigating to the card page and clicking "Sell your copy".

2. Advanced listing, multiple cards at once: You can easily list entire sets or groups of cards using the Bulk Selling tools. These are available for Magic only. Find these tools on your My Account page, under Seller Functions. A tip from our team - order your collection by set and name or card number, and have a friend read off the quantities to you. Listing goes quickly with a pal!

3. CSV import tool: Automatically upload your MTGO collection using our csv import tool. Use the file generated by the Magic Online client to easily list your virtual cards. This tool is available on your My Account page, under Seller Functions.

NOTE: If you are not on vacation, the minute you hit "Submit" your cards are up for sale! So, please be sure you put your account On Vacation if this is the first time you are listing cards or you are unsure of your prices. Many buyers are looking for deals, and you may not have a chance to adjust it before cards are snapped up.

Our basic selling tool provides you with graphs indicating the past card prices as sold on CardShark, to help you determine a competitive price. The advanced listing tools provide you with more sophisticated options. The advanced pricing options are complex, so please review them carefully. There are several options to choose from if you want to use card prices suggested by the system. These including Average price of sold items (uses past card sale data), Average price of listed items (card prices for available cards of the same condition), Lowest price of listed items (using card prices for available cards of the same condition), and finally Lowest price of all items (regardless of condition). Note that you can always change the suggested price before you put the cards up for sale!

There are millions of cards listed on CardShark, and prices are usually very competitive! CardShark does not use pricing data from outside sources. The more closely you manage your card prices on this web site, the more likely you are to sell cards quickly.

When a buyer purchases your cards, they make a payment to CardShark. When the payment is complete, an email is sent to you requesting a confirmation of the sale. YOU MUST CONFIRM the sale to get the shipping address. Once you confirm, you have three business days to pack and ship out (or make the online trade, for MTGO) the order.

If you do not confirm, the buyer may contact CardShark to cancel the transaction. They may also leave you negative feedback. If you can't honor a sale, it is best to message your buyer and explain the situation. Under normal circumstances, you are expected to honor your listing prices.

For MTGO sales, please visit the Magic Online FAQ.

For paper cards, you are provided a shipping allowance which includes enough money for first class mail, and optionally tracking, insurance and/or priority mail if the buyer has selected these options. Review shipping allowance price chart. Note that the offer of insurance and priority is up to you as a seller. If you choose not to offer postal insurance on an order, you are taking responsibiltiy for loss in shipping, so we encourage you to offer this option, at least for higher value orders. Set your seller options. We have also prepared some tips on how to safely and economically pack an order based on our many years of selling experience.

CardShark holds the buyer's money until the cards have had a chance to change hands. New sellers will be paid on the 4th Friday after your transaction is complete; to view your personal pay dates, visit your My Account page under "View payments pending". Each seller level you go up reduces this by 1 week. The longest you will ever have to wait is 30 days and our top sellers can be paid in as little as 3 days depending on time of sale. Please note that open customer service tickets or account issues may delay payment.

You may opt to receive weekly payments (there is a $1 fee for this service to offset the fees PayPal charges us). If you do not opt for weekly payments on the Seller Preferences page, you will be paid once a month for free. All payments will be held until you have accrued at least $20 in your account.

The standard CardShark commission is 15%, based on the total value of cards in your order, and a portion of the shipping charge paid by the buyer. These are calculated automatically, and the amount you see in your transaction history is the amount you will be paid. Premium sellers are paid more quickly and the commission rates are reduced; see our Help pages for information on these programs. CardShark pays all your e-commerce fees as part of this so your affective commission is actually much lower.

If the buyer doesn't receive the cards within the expected amount of time, they may open a ticket with us and your payments may be delayed. If a ticket is opened, you will get an email from our system alerting you to the problem. You must respond within 5 days, or we reserve the right to refund the purchase.

Have questions? Go to the support pages.