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You can re-submit a payment that did not go through correctly with PayPal by returning to your purchase history (located on your My Account page, under "View Purchase History" and clicking the Resubmit link. Please note that PayPal occasionally goes down for maintenance, and you will be unable to complete payment for your order during that time. CardShark will send a reminder email to you when PayPal becomes available again.

Member Agreement - The agreement members of the site must consent to in order to use this service.
General Policies - Guidelines that address common issues and questions with the CardShark services.
Privacy Policy - CardShark does not share your personal information with any third party, and does not rent out the mailing list.

If you have forgotten your password, you will not be cast out into the cold. Follow the link below the login button to have your password emailed to you. All you need is your username. If you have forgotten your username, you will need to contact our support team.

Use the "View Purchase History" link on your My Account page to help you view a history of your transactions purchased to date. You can refresh your memory by clicking on the transaction ID number to look at transaction details.

If you want to change your password or address, this can be done in the "Edit Account Info" section of your My Account page. It is a good idea to change your password periodically. If you are a student, please be sure to change your address when you go home on summer vacation! Orders are shipped to the address you have stored in our system - not the address you have listed in Paypal.

There are lots of great sellers on CardShark - prompt and true to their word. Occasionally, a buyer may come across a seller who does not meet expectations. Providing other CardShark members with a quality-based ranking of a seller allows buyers to make informed decisions. "Leave feedback for sellers" on your My Account page is the place to rank the seller and provide comments (1 being the worst and 5 meaning the seller went above and beyond expectations).

If a buyer purchases cards from you, the CardShark system sends a confirmation email to you. The email indicates the date by which you must confirm the order. To confirm the order, log into CardShark, go to "My Account" and select "Confirm Order." You can review the items before you confirm the order. Click "Confirm" to view the shipping address and print the invoice or MTGO contact information. Buyers are automatically informed that you have confirmed the transaction.

"Manage Inventory" is a great place for sellers to effectively manage and view all items they are selling. The seller has three options: individual cards by name, cards within a set, and the Advanced Inventory Management tool which allows you to view your cards by set in a long list format. Any option will allow the seller to make changes based on quantity, price, condition, etc or to delete cards.

"View Payments Pending" allows the seller to find out when the expected payment date is for a particular transaction. Each pending transaction is cleared when payment is received. To review each pending transaction, click on the transaction ID. Note that orders pending e-check payment are not listed here until the payment clears.

Another method to better manage your transactions is to view a history of all past transactions through "View Payment History." You can also review the order details by clicking on the transaction ID number.

The "View transaction history" page allows the seller to view all items sold to date. This also includes all transactions whose payments are pending.

If you are a seller with items(s) listed with CardShark, and you are planning to take a vacation, select "Vacation Status" from your My Account page and your cards will be unlisted. You can choose to adjust vacation statuses for each game separately. When you return, toggle the Not on Vacation buttons to relist your inventory.

As a seller, you may want to see how your buyers rank you as a seller. Click on "View buyer feedback" to view all rankings and comments (1 being the worst and 5 meaning the seller went above and beyond expectations).

Each person is allowed one account on CardShark. Please do not open new accounts if you have forgotten your username or password, contact our support team.


Please be sure to review our How to Buy section, where many common questions are addressed.

Find cards to buy using our Magic search engine. The easiest way is to Search by card name in the left corner of our home page. Or you can search for specific cards within a set by card name, artist, card number or rules text. You can also browse cards by set and search specifically for foils rares or foreign (non-English language).

Add cards to shopping cart by selecting Add to Cart next to the desired card. Remember that your shopping cart only stays active for 90 minutes after your last access of our site.

Leave feedback after receiving your card(s). Go to the Your Account page and "Leave feedback for seller." It may help other CardShark members make better decisions when purchasing their cards.

Once you have found the card(s) of interest, place it in your shopping cart by clicking on "add to cart" immediately to the right of the listed card. If you wish to continue hunting for cards, select, "continue shopping." Once finished (or you know you have maxed out your limit for the month, select "view shopping cart" to begin the check-out process. You can remove unwanted items by selecting "remove" to the right of the item.

Please view our Buyer shipping chart to get a more detailed understanding of how shipping is charged to the buyer.

It is a good idea to fully complete your Paypal account prior to conducting a transaction. If, for some reason, you do not complete your account registration with Paypal, CardShark reserves the right to cancel the transaction and free up the inventory for others. If you need to interrupt your card-buying process to update PayPal information, you have 30 minutes before the CardShark system frees the inventory for others.

You can pay using only a credit card. These transactions are still processed by PayPal, but you don't have to register for an account to pay for your cards. Simply click on the "If you do not currently have a PayPal account" button and proceed on PayPal's secure server with your credit card payment.

Buyers often ask CardShark why they should buy postal insurance. CardShark offers this option so that both parties - buyer and seller - can recoup their losses if your order is lost in the mail. If you choose not to purchase insurance when a seller offers it, please realize you are taking responsibility in case of loss. Note that this option is not offered to buyers outside the United States.


Please review How to Sell instructions for answers to many common questions.

List cards for sale quickly and easily by searching for the particular card in the CardShark database. Once found, enter your price, condition, quantity, etc. You will be notified via email when a sale occurs.

Confirm the order - Once notified via email that a buyer wants to purchase your card(s), go to the My Account page and click on "Confirm Order." Ship the cards to the buyer following our shipping guidelines as a reference.

Get paid electronically. CardShark issues payments to your PayPal account. Note, this is the only form of payment available.

As a seller, you will be notified via email if a buyer wishes to purchase your card(s). Once you have received the notification email, it is your responsibility to confirm the transaction by going to Your Account page and confirming the specific request. Once you confirm, you will get the buyer's contact information or mailing address to deliver the cards.

It is a good idea to fully complete your Paypal account prior to conducting any transaction. If you need to interrupt your card-buying process to update PayPal information, please note that you have 30 minutes before the CardShark system frees the inventory for others. One reminder email will be sent, with a link to complete payment, before the system releases the cards back to inventory.

These are the seller guidelines to run a promotion, and get that little star next to your name! Read more about this on your "My store front profile" page, located under Seller tools on your My Account page.

Please note, non-US buyers can only purchase cards from our premium sellers - Great White and Hammmerhead sellers. This is why, when you log in, you do not see card listings from all sellers.

Contact our support team.