Goodbye - April 8, 2024

Dear CardShark Family,

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that we have decided to close CardShark.

We are proud to have served the Magic: the Gathering community as a marketplace for second hand cards for 23 years. Some of you have been with us nearly this entire time.

Key Dates:
* The last day to buy cards will be Thursday May 2nd, 2024
* The final seller payments will be made by May 17th
* The server will be shutting down sometime around May 18th-23rd.

The reasons we have decided to close are:

  1. Over the years shipping has increased dramatically making small purchases difficult
  2. Competition in the marketplace by big companies with huge staffs compared to our small operation
  3. Revenues have dropped to the point where we have been running at break even with costs for the last few years and working on the site for free.
  4. Our site programming and server architecture was completely redone in 2015, but now it is starting to show it's age again and it will eventually need a major update which is expensive and time consuming.
  5. new Magic sets have multiple art versions that takes hours of work each set to deal with
  6. PayPal policies around refunds leave us at high risk of loss from fraud, theft and even flaky sellers that do not respond. Fees are no longer refunded and we almost always get stuck if someone steals a credit card to make a purchase. PayPal fees have increased over the years so that our portion is less and less.
  7. The number of users has dropped off over the years and we are serving only a small dedicated group of customers.

Considering the above and the fact that the company is losing time and money and has higher risks and no plans to modernize, it is time to just close the project with a smile and honor a job well done and hopefully a positive impact for everyone involved. We see this project as a huge success and running a business for 24 years has been fun and challenging. Now it is time to free up space and energy for something new.

In order to leave enough time for a gentle unwinding of the company we have chosen the following key dates:

  1. Please place all Purchases of cards by Thursday May 2nd, 2024. (The site will display a message once these features are turned off if you try to use them). This gives us enough time to handle any disputes and pay sellers.
  2. Sellers, we recommend no longer listing cards for sale at this point. We will turn off the listing feature sometime in the upcoming 1-3 weeks with a message as well if you try to use it.
  3. Final payments will be made in the month of May with the last one by Friday May 17th most likely.
  4. Please make any Shark Shares requests by May 16th or your shares will be forefeited.
  5. Remember to check your history and stats to get any info you need for your records or tax purposes.
  6. On a case by case basis we may be willing to prepare a custom download or CSV file with custom data for our top sellers. Please get all requests in by May 1st. Please try to use the tools on the site if possible first.
  7. We will discontinue the Cart Optimizer/Buy Deck tools and also any other third party requests to our pricing API the weekend of May 4th/5th.
  8. Server will be decommissioned sometime in the days around May 18th-23rd. My Account tools will be available until the end but try to wrap up site usage by May 17th end of day.
  9. Server will be replaced with a simple home page with a goodbye letter around May 18th-23rd and ongoing.
  10. Email should continue working for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for your dedication to this site and community.

We appreciate you and are grateful for your participation over the years!

All of us at

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Since 2001 CardShark has been providing a better way to Buy and Sell Magic the Gathering cards between other like-minded players.

CardShark was founded in 2001 by a group of friends who love Magic the Gathering. The aim was to build a marketplace that brought buyers and sellers together and empowered the little seller to make a big splash without the need for their own physical or virtual storefront. Over the years, we have grown to have millions of cards listed and a large base of loyal users.

Thanks to all of our members for their help in making this a great site!

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