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We've all been there, needing to buy that chase rare for way to much money from the local game shop or a vendor at a tournament. Or worrying that you are getting taken advantage of in a bad trade. Take the stress out of buying cards by easily comparing prices across multiple sellers.
Low prices
Buying from other players with low overhead and no big store to maintain let's you get some of the best prices out there. Stop paying inflated prices and get the deals you deserve.
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  • Monthly Booster Box Raffle
  • SharkShares program rewards you for doing everyday things like making purchases
  • Seller Promotions - Some of our top sellers offer extra freebies
Support gamers, not big stores
Buying cards this way not only gets you a great price, but you also support fellow gamers. It's a win-win!
It's fun and easy
You'll love buying cards on CardShark. It's fun buying from other players and it couldn't be easier with our various search and browse options.
We've got your back
Our professional support team is always here to help you with any issues. Or use our self service support and messaging tools to communicate with your sellers. We hold your payment in escrow to protect you in case of problems.

I've been using CardShark for over 7 years, and I am continually impressed by the way the site helps its users out in small ways. As a seller, I never have to pay a fortune for shipping out cards, since the shipping allowances they provide take away much of the risk of sending only a handful of cards through the mail. The fact that you can keep cards on the site for as long as you want without any fees is great for allowing players to have a fantastic range of cards to choose from with no downside. Not to mention that their customer support is phenomenal; the few times I had issues, they were resolved quickly and fairly for all parties thanks to their dedicated staff. What's not to love about that?

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You don't have to be a big store to make big profits.

No Listing fees
It's free to list your cards and we only charge a 15% commision on cards sold. No worrying about relisting cards, auctions timing out or complicated trade arrangements. We even pay your Ecommerce fees.
Bulk Listing Tools
Use our comprehensive bulk listing, search and price management tools to quickly list, price and manage your inventory.
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Get paid electronically via PayPal once a month for free or weekly if you prefer. Start making money selling your extra cards today.