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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarityLow Price
A Display of My Dark Power ArchenemyScheme Common  
Æther Spellbomb ArchenemyArtifact Common $0.05
Agony Warp ArchenemyInstant Common $0.10
All in Good Time ArchenemyScheme Common  
All Shall Smolder in My Wake ArchenemyScheme Common $0.64
Approach My Molten Realm ArchenemyScheme Common  
Architects of Will ArchenemyArtifact Creature Common $0.14
Armadillo Cloak ArchenemyEnchantment Common $0.65
Artisan of Kozilek ArchenemyCreature Uncommon $1.45
Avatar of Discord ArchenemyCreature Rare $1.45
Avatar of Woe ArchenemyCreature Rare $3.13
Azorius Signet ArchenemyArtifact Common  
Barren Moor ArchenemyLand Common $0.05
Battering Craghorn ArchenemyCreature Common $0.05
Batwing Brume ArchenemyInstant Uncommon  
Beacon of Unrest ArchenemySorcery Rare  
Behold the Power of Destruction ArchenemyScheme Common  
Bituminous Blast ArchenemyInstant Uncommon $0.55
Bog Witch ArchenemyCreature Common $0.09
Branching Bolt ArchenemyInstant Common $0.05
Breath of Darigaaz ArchenemySorcery Uncommon $0.10
Cemetery Reaper ArchenemyCreature Rare $3.50
Chameleon Colossus ArchenemyCreature Rare $3.47
Chandra's Outrage ArchenemyInstant Common $0.05
Choose Your Champion ArchenemyScheme Common $0.64
Colossal Might ArchenemyInstant Common $0.06
Corpse Connoisseur ArchenemyCreature Uncommon $0.19
Dance, Pathetic Marionette ArchenemyScheme Common  
Dimir Signet ArchenemyArtifact Common $3.75
Dragon Breath ArchenemyEnchantment Common $0.05
Dragon Fodder ArchenemySorcery Common $0.11
Dragon Whelp ArchenemyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Dragonspeaker Shaman ArchenemyCreature Uncommon  
Dreamstone Hedron ArchenemyArtifact Uncommon $0.21
Dregscape Zombie ArchenemyCreature Common $0.05
Duplicant ArchenemyArtifact Creature Rare  
Embrace My Diabolical Vision ArchenemyScheme Common  
Ethersworn Shieldmage ArchenemyArtifact Creature Common $0.09
Everflowing Chalice ArchenemyArtifact Uncommon $0.76
Every Hope Shall Vanish ArchenemyScheme Common $0.89
Every Last Vestige Shall Rot ArchenemyScheme Common $0.64
Evil Comes to Fruition ArchenemyScheme Common  
Extractor Demon ArchenemyCreature Rare $0.25
Feed the Machine ArchenemyScheme Common $0.69
Feral Hydra ArchenemyCreature Rare $1.50
Fertilid ArchenemyCreature Common $0.08
Festering Goblin ArchenemyCreature Common $0.05
Fieldmist Borderpost ArchenemyArtifact Common  
Fierce Empath ArchenemyCreature Common  
Fireball ArchenemySorcery Uncommon $0.10
Fires of Yavimaya ArchenemyEnchantment Uncommon $0.30
Flameblast Dragon ArchenemyCreature Rare $0.65
Fog ArchenemyInstant Common $0.05
Forest ArchenemyBasic Land Basic Land $0.08
Forgotten Ancient ArchenemyCreature Rare $1.36
Furnace Whelp ArchenemyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Gathan Raiders ArchenemyCreature Common $0.05
Gleeful Sabotage ArchenemySorcery Common $1.48
Graypelt Refuge ArchenemyLand Uncommon $0.31
Gruul Signet ArchenemyArtifact Common $0.45
Harmonize ArchenemySorcery Uncommon $1.06
Hellkite Charger ArchenemyCreature Rare $0.75
Heroes' Reunion ArchenemyInstant Uncommon $0.10
Hunting Moa ArchenemyCreature Uncommon $0.10
I Bask in Your Silent Awe ArchenemyOngoing Scheme Common $1.44
I Call on the Ancient Magics ArchenemyScheme Common  
I Delight in Your Convulsions ArchenemyScheme Common $0.24
I Know All, I See All ArchenemyOngoing Scheme Common $1.24
Ignite the Cloneforge! ArchenemyScheme Common $0.74
Imperial Hellkite ArchenemyCreature Rare $0.45
Incremental Blight ArchenemySorcery Uncommon $0.49
Infectious Horror ArchenemyCreature Common $0.05
Inferno Trap ArchenemyInstant Uncommon $0.10
Infest ArchenemySorcery Uncommon $0.36
Into the Earthen Maw ArchenemyScheme Common  
Introductions Are in Order ArchenemyScheme Common $0.34
Island ArchenemyBasic Land Basic Land  
Juggernaut ArchenemyArtifact Creature Uncommon $0.22
Kaervek the Merciless ArchenemyLegendary Creature Rare  
Kamahl, Fist of Krosa ArchenemyLegendary Creature Rare $5.95
Kazandu Refuge ArchenemyLand Uncommon $0.19
Khalni Garden ArchenemyLand Common $0.14
Kilnmouth Dragon ArchenemyCreature Rare $1.00
Know Naught but Fire ArchenemyScheme Common  
Krosan Tusker ArchenemyCreature Common $0.05
Krosan Verge ArchenemyLand Uncommon $0.70
Leaf Gilder ArchenemyCreature Common $0.05
Leonin Abunas ArchenemyCreature Rare  
Lightning Greaves ArchenemyArtifact Uncommon  
Llanowar Reborn ArchenemyLand Uncommon $0.61
Lodestone Golem ArchenemyArtifact Creature Rare $1.25
Look Skyward and Despair ArchenemyScheme Common $0.89
Magister Sphinx ArchenemyArtifact Creature Rare $4.95
Makeshift Mannequin ArchenemyInstant Uncommon $0.10
March of the Machines ArchenemyEnchantment Rare $0.45
Master Transmuter ArchenemyArtifact Creature Rare $16.95
May Civilization Collapse ArchenemyScheme Common  
Memnarch ArchenemyLegendary Artifact Creature Rare  
Metallurgeon ArchenemyArtifact Creature Uncommon $0.10
Mistvein Borderpost ArchenemyArtifact Common  
Molimo, Maro Sorcerer ArchenemyLegendary Creature Rare $0.29
Mortal Flesh Is Weak ArchenemyScheme Common  
Mosswort Bridge ArchenemyLand Rare $0.75
Mountain ArchenemyBasic Land Basic Land  
My Crushing Masterstroke ArchenemyScheme Common  
My Genius Knows No Bounds ArchenemyScheme Common $0.20
My Undead Horde Awakens ArchenemyOngoing Scheme Common  
My Wish Is Your Command ArchenemyScheme Common $0.89
Nantuko Monastery ArchenemyLand Uncommon $0.15
Nature Demands an Offering ArchenemyScheme Common $0.89
Nature Shields Its Own ArchenemyOngoing Scheme Common $0.49
Nothing Can Stop Me Now ArchenemyOngoing Scheme Common  
Obelisk of Esper ArchenemyArtifact Common $0.09
Oblivion Ring ArchenemyEnchantment Common $0.50
Only Blood Ends Your Nightmares ArchenemyScheme Common $0.79
Pale Recluse ArchenemyCreature Common $0.05
Path to Exile ArchenemyInstant Uncommon  
Plains ArchenemyBasic Land Basic Land  
Plummet ArchenemyInstant Common $0.05
Primal Command ArchenemySorcery Rare $6.75
Rakdos Carnarium ArchenemyLand Common $0.10
Rakdos Guildmage ArchenemyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Rakdos Signet ArchenemyArtifact Common $1.50
Rancor ArchenemyEnchantment Common $2.50
Realms Befitting My Majesty ArchenemyScheme Common $0.44
Reanimate ArchenemySorcery Uncommon  
Reassembling Skeleton ArchenemyCreature Uncommon $0.25
Roots of All Evil ArchenemyScheme Common $0.49
Rotted Ones, Lay Siege ArchenemyScheme Common $0.69
Ryusei, the Falling Star ArchenemyLegendary Creature Rare $1.45
Sakura Tribe Elder ArchenemyCreature Common $1.49
Sanctum Gargoyle ArchenemyArtifact Creature Common $0.09
Savage Twister ArchenemySorcery Uncommon $0.10
Scion of Darkness ArchenemyCreature Rare $2.71
Secluded Steppe ArchenemyLand Common $0.18
Seething Song ArchenemyInstant Common $0.71
Selesnya Guildmage ArchenemyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Shinen of Life's Roar ArchenemyCreature Common $0.05
Shriekmaw ArchenemyCreature Uncommon $1.45
Sign in Blood ArchenemySorcery Common $0.19
Skirk Commando ArchenemyCreature Common $0.05
Skirk Marauder ArchenemyCreature Common $0.09
Skullcage ArchenemyArtifact Uncommon $0.22
Sorcerer's Strongbox ArchenemyArtifact Uncommon $0.10
Spider Umbra ArchenemyEnchantment Common $1.10
Spin into Myth ArchenemyInstant Uncommon $0.35
Sun Droplet ArchenemyArtifact Uncommon  
Sundering Titan ArchenemyArtifact Creature Rare  
Surrender Your Thoughts ArchenemyScheme Common  
Swamp ArchenemyBasic Land Basic Land $0.08
Synod Centurion ArchenemyArtifact Creature Uncommon $0.18
Synod Sanctum ArchenemyArtifact Uncommon $0.13
Taurean Mauler ArchenemyCreature Rare $2.45
Terminate ArchenemyInstant Common $0.85
Terramorphic Expanse ArchenemyLand Common $0.13
The Dead Shall Serve ArchenemyScheme Common $0.75
The Fate of the Flammable ArchenemyScheme Common  
The Iron Guardian Stirs ArchenemyScheme Common $0.64
The Pieces Are Coming Together ArchenemyScheme Common $0.99
The Very Soil Shall Shake ArchenemyOngoing Scheme Common  
Thelonite Hermit ArchenemyCreature Rare $0.40
Thran Dynamo ArchenemyArtifact Uncommon  
Thunderstaff ArchenemyArtifact Uncommon $0.19
Tooth, Claw, and Tail ArchenemyScheme Common  
Torrent of Souls ArchenemySorcery Uncommon $0.23
Tranquil Thicket ArchenemyLand Common $0.19
Twisted Abomination ArchenemyCreature Common $0.10
Two Headed Dragon ArchenemyCreature Rare $0.70
Unbender Tine ArchenemyArtifact Uncommon $0.14
Unmake ArchenemyInstant Common $1.44
Urborg Syphon Mage ArchenemyCreature Common $0.05
Vampiric Dragon ArchenemyCreature Rare $2.20
Verdeloth the Ancient ArchenemyLegendary Creature Rare $0.95
Vitu Ghazi, the City Tree ArchenemyLand Uncommon $0.10
Volcanic Fallout ArchenemyInstant Uncommon $0.35
Wall of Roots ArchenemyCreature Common $0.10
Watchwolf ArchenemyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Wax Wane (Wane) ArchenemyInstant Uncommon $0.10
Wax Wane (Wax) ArchenemyInstant Uncommon  
Which of You Burns Brightest? ArchenemyScheme Common $0.74
Wickerbough Elder ArchenemyCreature Common $0.94
Yavimaya Dryad ArchenemyCreature Uncommon $0.10
Your Fate Is Thrice Sealed ArchenemyScheme Common $0.44
Your Puny Minds Cannot Fathom ArchenemyScheme Common $0.44
Your Will Is Not Your Own ArchenemyScheme Common $0.89
Zombie Infestation ArchenemyEnchantment Uncommon $0.67
Zombify ArchenemySorcery Uncommon $0.38

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